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Samsung plans to augment Android Wear devices with its own apps and services

Samsung plans to dilute Android Wear devices with its own services
Samsung's Gear Live will ship on July 7

The newly announced Samsung Gear Live runs Android Wear in its purest form, but rest assured the Korean company is still keen to add its custom apps and services.

The firm is not allowed to place its Magazine or TouchWiz user interfaces on top of Android Wear, it said, but will take advantage of Google's development kit to add its own features.

Christopher Belter, a director of marketing for Samsung Mobile US told CNET the wearable device will ship with pure Android Wear, but more services will be added to separate it from the competition.

He said: "Android Wear is 100 percent built around Google services today on Day 1.

"I don't know what the time frame is, but I guess it would be our goal to build, like we do on our phones, some of our own services for the Wear environment."

Similar experiences

The comments come after the launch of the first three Android Wear smart watches at Google I/O on Wednesday.

The Gear Live and LG G Watch are available to pre-order now and will ship on July 7, while the fetching Moto 360 watch will arrive later this summer.

All three devices will offer a very similar experience in terms of software, but Samsung, it seems plans to change that sooner rather than later.