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Livespeakr iPhone add-on makes a noise

The LiveSpeakr enables your iPhone to become a portable home cinema experience, sort of...

A young designer from California has developed a clever little add-on to help boost the music playing power of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Called the LiveSpeakr, the clip-on speaker system attaches to the back of its host to add a little extra oomph to music and movies on the go. The speakers can be rotated to a vertical or horizontal position, while a rear stand enables the screen to be viewed at either perspective.

Enjoy summertime sounds in the park

When not in use the speaker system neatly slides and folds into itself, allowing the whole system to be carried in a pocket. The unit can be powered by either two AA batteries or an AC adaptor.

There’s no word on how powerful the little speakers are, but they're claimed to be RF shielded.

D&G Solutions, the company behind LiveSpeakr, is hoping to launch the product to market by the summer - price yet to be confirmed.