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Spotify hints at branded phones for the UK

Spotify has confirmed to TechRadar that a phone with its branding on is likely in the near future.

While the new deal with Telia to bring Spotify to mobile and TV platforms is only for Sweden, a spokesperson for the company clarified the situation to us, saying although it won't be making the hardware, branding is very likely to happen in the future:

"We're not making hardware but it's likely we'll see Spotify branded phones being sold by Telia who will bundle our service with their mobile and internet packages."


When quizzed about whether the services would be coming to the UK, the spokesperson hinted that Spotify is looking to port the TV and mobile platforms over to Britain:

"We've nothing specific to say about the UK but it is an important market for us in every sense."

So it looks like just a matter of time before we start seeing Spotify mobiles and TVs... just when will we get them in the UK?