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Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge delayed in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
A week's delay for the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

Bad news for phablet fans hoping to get their grubby giant hands all over Samsung's upcoming superphones, the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge – with the electronics giant delaying the Australian launch by a week.

In a statement, the Korean giant apologised for the delay, without indicating what caused the launch to be pushed back a week:

"Samsung Electronics Australia has revised the on sale date for the Galaxy Note 4 to Wednesday 5th November and the Galaxy Note Edge to Wednesday 12th November. Pre-orders will be available from Wednesday 15th October. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers,"the statement read.

Pre-order without peril

Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and Optus have all opened up their respective pre-order pages for the new Samsung devices.

Vodafone is the only telco publicly listing the Note Edge for pre-order, with both phones available on a $70 Red plan over 24 months. The difference between the models is in the handset repayment, which will cost $10 a month for the Note 4 and $14 a month for the Note Edge.

Optus, meanwhile, is offering the handset for $0 on an $80 a month plan over 24 months. It's also trying to sweeten the deal for anyone who pre-orders before November 2 by throwing in 2GB of additional data.

Virgin Mobile's offering is similar, with the Note 4 available on a $80 a month plan with a $5 handset repayment. You do get 6GB of data with that price though, making it a much more attractive offer.

There's no word from Telstra on its pre-order plans yet, but we'll update when we hear what the Big T has to offer.