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Samsung Galaxy S2 reaches 3 million pre-orders

Galaxy S2 beating Samsung sales estimates
Galaxy S2 beating Samsung sales estimates

Samsung has announced that it has received over three million pre-orders for the new Galaxy S2.

The latest Android smartphone from the Korean electronics giant has received rave reviews from around the web, including nabbing top spot in TechRadar's best mobile phones ranking.

Samsung recently confirmed that it had received over 120,000 orders in South Korea, but it seems demand is equally high in other territories too, with the Galaxy S2 en route to over 120 countries.

Big up the big screen

With the phone likely to shatter sales estimates - Samsung was reported to have been expecting sales of 10 million units for the handset - the rumours of an impending stock shortage are inevitable, especially given the previous supply problems from Samsung of its Super AMOLED technology (the advanced display technology used in the screen).

Samsung officials said on Flickr: "There are quite a few demands in some countries to ask for preferred orders for the supply of Galaxy S II. We will do our utmost best to ensure that all the global demands should be met as quickly as possible."

We'll keep an eye on the sales of the Galaxy S2, which is flying off the shelves in the UK too - let's just hope as many people as possible can get their hands on our new favourite phone.

From Flickr via OLED-info

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