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Mid-range SM-E700H could be part of Samsung's big 2015 restart

galaxy s5 samsung
Samsung needs to move past the disappointing Galaxy S5

We've been hearing for a little while now that Samsung will "press reset," so to speak, on its smartphone lineup in 2015, and now there's a tiny tidbit of new evidence of what that might mean.

It comes in the form of a mysterious model number that appears in the page info on, which might mean anything - or nothing at all.

But if you click that link and turn your eyes about 15 lines down in the text you'll see "SM-E700H" along with a set of mid-range specs.

These specs include a 720p 5.5-inch screen, a 1.5GHz CPU and Android 4.4 KitKat.

A fighting chance

Obviously these aren't mind-blowing specs, but Samsung may very well turn more of its attention toward the middle-of-the-road market if its flagships can no longer compete with the likes of the iPhone 6, Nexus 6 and others on the high end.

And judging by what's been going on at Samsung lately and its disappointing Galaxy S5 sales, they clearly can't - at least not on their current path.

The model number SM-E700H doesn't really match with any of Samsung's existing product lines, so it's probably not the Galaxy S6, and its true nature will remain a mystery for now.

But with Samsung planning to release far fewer different devices in 2015, this mid-range phone - whatever it is - may have a fighting chance.