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iPhone exclusivity won't last forever, says chief

The iPhone may not be exclusive much longer
The iPhone may not be exclusive much longer

US network AT&T's CEO has admitted the iPhone won't remain as an exclusive forever, lending truth to rumours O2's deal in the UK might change soon.

Speaking at Fortune's Brainstorm: Tech conference in the US, Randall Stephenson said "There will be a day when you are not exclusive with the iPhone," according to Cnet.

While he wouldn't be drawn on the subject, the CEO did say the relationship was working well, although he wouldn't confirm he was totally satisfied with all the aspects of it.

"On balance, I think it works really, really well--maybe as well as any strategic partnership we have," Stephenson said.

Expensive iPhone

He also confirmed that the network would have liked to get the new iPhone 3GS at a slightly cheaper price, but only in a competitive business sense and not because the new phone is losing the network money.

The situation in the US mirrors that in the UK at the moment, where O2 has launched the iPhone 3GS to great success but has still come under criticism for some of its services and network coverage.

There are strong rumours it will lose its exclusive deal to stock the iPhone 3G in the coming months, although none of these have been substantiated.