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Forget fingerprints, Microsoft has perfected the smartphone unlock

Microsoft Lumia 830
Microsoft Lumia 830

There are many interesting ways to unlock your smartphone now. It's just not entering about entering a PIN anymore, you can swipe a pattern, use your face and in some cases use your fingerprint.

Microsoft doesn't believe that's secure enough though and a new patent shows off a new option that combines many of the previous techniques in one.

The new technology captures your finger position, length, angle between your digits and even more.

Top security

Microsoft unlock patent

You'd be able to create your own set up with fingers touching the screen at certain times and fingers moving in a certain direction.

If anyone is looking over your shoulder to spot your unlock method it'll be quite confusing just to see your fingers wiggling about and it's unlikely they'll be able to replicate it.

Microsoft unlock patent

It seems Microsoft is against adding fingerprint sensors to devices as well. The patent reads, "Other devices employ a dedicated fingerprint reader for authentication. The fingerprint reader can add considerably to the overall cost of the device and require dedicated real-estate on the device."

Microsoft's idea could be introduced to more than phones and tablets though – there's mention in the patent of it working with the Xbox One Kinect as well.

Microsoft unlock patent

Via WMPowerUser

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