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Android to get new emojis after Apple flipped the bird


A host of new emojis landed on iPhones and iPads earlier this week with the iOS 9.1 update, including middle fingers, unicorns and tacos, leaving Android users a little left out of the fun.

But Android users won't be forever left without fun new emojis, with senior VP of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, taking to Twitter to announce the company is on the case.

"So I have a feeling y'all want new emojis?" Lockheimer tweeted.

He thanked users for their feedback, before saying "We're on it!" and apologizing for (we assume) not having new emojis sooner.

Unfortunately, we have no idea when theses new emojis will be landing on Android, nor do we know what these emojis will be (though we assume a middle finger will be present).

All we know is that Google's Android team is working on new emojis and that it is listening to its users' requests.

Via Android Central