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Is Google Android coming to Eee PCs?

Is Android coming to Eee PCs?
Is Android coming to Eee PCs?

The recent announcement of new members to the Open Handset Alliance, those getting behind Google's Android platform, threw up some interesting names... not least manufacturers of netbooks.

There have been rumours of Android's Linux-based interface being converted to sub 10-inch screens for some time now, and Asus and Toshiba's presence hints at such.

The fact that most netbooks run on Linux already would be a significant plus too, as Google's Android OS is based on the same system.

Easy porting

Although Asus is also a noted manufacturer of handsets - both under its own name and for other brands - the rumours of a touchscreen Eee PC also mean that the Android OS could be fairly easily ported to the netbook model.

And the advent of 3G cards being embedded into the devices means the gap between high-powered smartphones and netbooks is coming down all the time as well.

Although it's unlikely to happen in the next year, Android's conversion to the netbook model would be a significant win for Google, which is rumoured to be looking at the PC OS space already.