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iPhone 3G WILL be available online in UK

iPhone 3G
Look, it's leaning on itself! Crazy.

The iPhone 3G (have you heard about this new device?) will be available both online and in-store from O2 and The Carphone Warehouse.

AT&T recently announced it would be only stocking the phone in-store, much to the disappointment of lazy iPhone lovers over in the US.

But O2 has confirmed to TechRadar “[The iPhone 3G] will be available to buy through our online store.”

Bye Mobly, I’ve got an iPhone now

The Carphone Warehouse also confirmed the device would be available through dual sources: “It will be available online as well as in-store, from the 11 July.”

When pushed on whether users will be able to activate the handsets themselves, the spokesperson for the CW said: “We’ve not been told any different to the same activation principle before.”

O2 were more forthcoming with the info: " A customer must take out a contract either online or in-store and then activate it in the normal way through iTunes."

There is a slight difference though; the contract will have to be in place when the phone is purchased, so that must be activated at the point of sale, rather than the 10 days grace previoulsy afforded.

This is due to the revised pricing model, which has led to the subsidised price drop.

O2 has also stated the PAYG model will be available at the same time, though "details still TBC".