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Dell Mini 10 netbooks to get GPS

Dell's Mini 10 range will tell you where to go
Dell's Mini 10 range will tell you where to go

Dell has announced that its popular Mini 10 netbook range is to get optional GPS capabilities.

A new chip is to be added to the small-form lappies, which will bring A-GPS. It has been coined the Dell Wireless 700 location solution.

CoPilot software

This chip means that you will now be able to use your netbook as a sat nav, if you so wish.

We are not quite sure how the logistics of this would work (you would need a pretty big car mount for one thing) but the laptop will be bundled with CoPilot sat-nav software.

The card also brings built-in Wi-Fi locationing, which will work both indoors and out, and this will be powered by Skyhook Wireless' Wi-Fi position solutions.

Although the Mini 10 is the first of Dell's products to get the GPS solution, the company believes that GPS will be added to other parts of its computer range.

Via UberGizmo