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Asus Eee PC Seashell launches in the UK

Asus Eee PC in the shops this month
Asus Eee PC in the shops this month

Computer manufacturer Asus has finally revealed the street date and official pricing of its new Seashell netbook, by announcing it's to ship this month.

The 1008HA Eee PC is a sleek-looking machine that's just one-inch thick, weighs a mere 1.1Kg and boasts six hours' battery life.


The diminutive netbook hosts a 10-inch LED-backlit screen, is powered by an Intel Atom N280 processor and contains 170GB Hybrid Storage.

For the clumsy consumer, Asus has made the netbook scratch-resistant and for the design-conscious, the netbook has been 'inspired' by the contours of a seashell.

Slimline netbook

While this design theme may sound a little too pretentious for words, fear not, as What Laptop recently had a hands-on with the laptop and felt it was "set to become the most desirable netbook yet, with a slimline finish that makes an Apple MacBook Air look bloated."

To sea for yourself (see what we did there?), the Asus Eee PC 1008HA Seashell will be in the shops from 15 May for the not-too-shabby starting price of £349.97.