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YouTube adds video editor

YouTube adds in basic video editing options
YouTube adds in basic video editing options

Google-owned YouTube has added a basic video-editing system to its service, letting users combine multiple videos.

The new YouTube editor is a basic video editing tool that lets you cut and crop and combine your video footage before uploading it to the site.

Speaking to TechRadar a Google rep told us: "We have been working on a simple video editor tool that anyone can use. Our goal is to make it available to the community as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more."

Consume, make, share

Cloud computing is not only about 'consuming' content, but also about creating it, something which the new YouTube editor displays very clearly.

To use YouTube editor you merely drag your video to the filmstrip at the bottom of the screen and then trim the beginning and end of the video as you so desire using the idiot-proof scissors icon.

You can then preview a low-res version of your video before choosing to save it to your local collection or not. The whole process is incredibly quick and easy and fast.

Via unofficial Google Operating System blog.