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Google cheque bounces

Hey you - give Google a fiver. It looks like they really, really need the money

Google may have been on the acquisition trail lately, but if one blogger's experience is to go by, the company is feeling pretty short on cash .

A blogger at MobileJones went to cash his Google Adsense cheque (the cheque you get for placing Google adverts on your website) only to be told there were "insufficient funds" in Google's account for the blogger to get his money.

"First, denial and disbelief. I say, Are you sure? Do you know who Google is? You're kidding me, right? She says she does know who Google is, but that this particular account doesn't have enough funds to cover my cheque. I'm too stunned to move. I look down at the cheque handled back to me and look back up at her confused.

"Next, shock and awe. I say to the teller, 'How does a gazillionaire company like Google have a bank account with so little money in it?' She laughs. I laugh. What else is there to do?"

MobileJones is still waiting to be paid.