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Video: Google+ project explained

Google+ - shown off in video form
Google+ - shown off in video form

Google has this week revealed that it is to try and crack the fickle social network market once more, with the launch of its Google+ project.

Part Facebook competitor, part instant messenger, part social hangout, the service is still shrouded in some mystery, given that it is currently in the midst of a 'limited field test'.

You can check out TechRadar's first look video of Google+ right here:

The good news is, that Google has created a number of videos to try and explain just what Google+ and its +you button actually does.

As these are Google-made videos, however, don't expect to understand fully what Google+ is about, as some of the logic has been replaced with whimsy. The videos do give a fair idea of just what to expect if you decide to bring Google+ into your already packed online social life.

Google will be hoping that Google+ captures people's attention more so than its ill-fated Buzz service, which unsuccesfully merged social networking with IM.

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Google+ Hangout

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