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Stonehenge tops Google Street View Trike poll

The Google trike - how will it cope with grass and druids?
The Google trike - how will it cope with grass and druids?

Google's Street View Trike garnered plenty of headlines when it was unveiled, and now the company has discovered that Stonehenge is the national monument that most people would like to be photographed by the camera cycle.

An online poll conducted by Google asked which tourist attraction should be photographed by the Street View Trike, and the top six (and one wildcard) will now be captured for Google Street View.

Stonehenge, Millennium Stadium, Angel of the North, Loch Ness, Eden Project and Warwick Castle were top in the 35,000 votes on 16 finalists, with Bamburgh Castle picked as a wildcard.

Because. Just, because.

Why a wildcard? Well Google insists it's because the Northumberland site is a hidden gem off the beaten track, which kind of defies the point of the vote, but ho hum.

"We've seen a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from British people to get their favourite places onto Street View," said Google.

"Now it's down to our super fit tricyclists to get cracking and photograph these places so that curious historians, students and tourists all over the globe can soon admire the country's heritage and plan their next weekend away ."