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Pac-Man goes 'wakka wakka' all over Google Maps

Google maps pac man

It’s a surreal feeling to see an aerial version of your stomping grounds on Google Maps. More perplexing, but just as undeniably awesome is that Google has introduced a new feature that allows digital tourists to turn the world into a fully-functional game of Pac-Man.

To give it a try yourself (and you definitely should), head to Google Maps and click the rather obvious button on the bottom left part of the page. Once you do that, the page is taken over with a delightful homage to the arcade classic. It's as cool as it sounds and we don't deserve this.

I’m terrible at Pac-Man, especially given the crazy twists and turns of the terrain here in NYC. Try playing in a familiar location so that you can use the lay of the land to your advantage.

More blips

It won’t take you long to beat our measly high-score in Pac-Man on Google Maps, but once you’re finished, how about you take a look at more of these bite-sized blips?