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Greece says no to Google Street View

Google StreetView has privacy issues in Greece
Google StreetView has privacy issues in Greece

Authorities in Greece have banned Google from taking any more images in the country, until the search giant comes up with "additional information" into the reasons why it needs to take the images.

The main thing that Greece Data Protection Authority wants to know is, how long the images will be around for and what steps the company is taking to protect identities of people in the shots.

Privacy issues

One of the biggest criticisms of Google Street View is privacy. Most maybe content with being photographed in their street, but when it comes to leaving seedier establishments like strip clubs, sex shops and the local burger bar, most people won't exactly want their mug photographed forever on the service.

Google does try and blur as many faces as possible and insists that reason for Street View is around is to give consumers more of an understanding about cities and towns before they visit them – not to help people invade the privacy of others.