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Google to offer Pottermore ebooks

Pottermore - more words coming from Rowling in digital form
Pottermore - more words coming from Rowling in digital form

Pottermore and Google have joined forces to sell the Harry Potter ebooks via the Google eBooks platform.

Still a US-only service, Google eBooks will allow Potter fans to buy the ebooks from Google and store them in their Google Books libraries.

Through the magic of cloud computing, they can then access the books on other ereader platforms.

Buying tomes through Google eBooks is a US only privilege at the moment, but should be coming to the UK at some point and bringing the Harry Potter franchise with it - unfortunately there's no scheduled release date just yet.

Google casts its spell

It's been a long time coming, but fans of the boy wizard will finally be able to access his story in ebook form exclusively from the Pottermore website, set to launch in October.

As well as selling the ebooks direct,the Pottermore website will be using Google Checkout to peddle its magical wares to all customers.

The intriguing site will also be using YouTube to host all Harry Potter related video content on

The site will also include interactive, illustrated content as well as new material from J.K. Rowling, allowing the stories to live on.

Via Inside Google Books Blog