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Gmail gets more Google+ with people-friendly makeover

Gmail gets more Google+ with people-friendly makeover
Google determined to get us on board with Google+

Google has continued its quest make Google+ more visible across all of its services by further integrating it within Gmail.

The upgrade to Google's webmail client improves on the initial implementation of the social network back in December, which saw Circles appear within emails and on the sidebar.

Now, says Google on its company blog: "When you select a circle, you'll now see profile photos of people in that circle at the top right of the page.

"Plus, when you click on these images you'll be taken directly to search results with contact details."

The company has also added a new feature which allows you to search for Circles conversations within the Gmail search bar.

Users can find messages by typing "circle:[circle name]" into the search box and you can find mails from anyone in your circles contacts by typing "has:circle".

Google has also added some useful functionality based around contacts. When you type a person's name into the search box all of their contact details will appear at the top of the page.

Via: LifeHacker