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How to play N64 games on your iPhone

Yay! Oh, hang on... this is actually a bit rubbish...
Yay! Oh, hang on... this is actually a bit rubbish...

An unofficial Nintendo N64 iPhone emulator has started doing the rounds amongst the hacking and jailbreaking community this week, featuring wireless support via Bluetooth for Nintendo's Wii Remote.

Of course, such an app is never going to see an 'official' release, what with Nintendo's eagerness to stamp out all and any forms of IP infringement and piracy.

However, if you have jailbroken your phone and happen to be a hardcore Nintendo fanboy and a fan of retro games emulation then you are clearly going to be getting hot under the collar at the prospect of revisiting N64 classics on your phone.

Poor quality gameplay

Initial reports suggest that it is hardly worth going to the bother of jailbreaking your iPhone and then downloading the N64 emulator, because the frame-rates and rubbish controls will only annoy and disappoint.

However, if you really must persist – and simply wish to control a Nintendo game on a phone via your Wii Remote for the hell of it – then the unofficial n64iphone is available to jailbreakers in Cydia for $2.50.

See it in action right here if you still need to be convinced.

Via EsferaiPhone