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Google and VMware slash $200 off Chromebooks for XP laggards

Cheap just got cheaper

Google and VMware have teamed up to offer $200 (£120, AU$210) off Chromebooks for business users looking to upgrade from the now-expired Windows XP.

The generous rebate is available for any organizations signed up to VMware Horizon DaaS, a cloud-based desktop service that lets users run Windows-based applications.

With many Chromebooks available for $300 (£180, AU$320) or less, this move will encourage further widespread adoption of the clamshell devices, which have been recently taking the market by storm.

Urge to update

The end of support for Windows XP has made old systems extremely vulnerable, and that security risk will grow over time as vulnerabilities are left unpatched. The last-minute scramble to upgrade has slowed the decline of the PC market.

The offer follows VMware's partnership with Google to provide Chromebooks with access to Windows applications, addressing a key concern many businesses had about switching to Google's operating system. Citrix announced a similar product recently.

Unfortunately, the deal only applies for US customers. For UK customers, Microsoft is offering £80 (US$135, AU$140) off upgrades to Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 systems.