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Apple has a secret team making your iPhone a 'one-stop shop' for doctors

One day you may be able to show your doctor your iPhone instead of explaining how you’re feeling... at least that’s what a team at Apple would like you to do.

According to a report from CNBC, Apple has a secret team working within Apple’s health unit that is bringing together developers, hospitals and other medical professionals to bring clinical data into the iPhone.

You’d then be able to share this data easily with those who need to know it, such as your hospital or another medical professional. It may also be able to show your allergies if you’re taken ill and can't explain what medication you're not allowed to have.

An Apple a day

The covert team is made up of developers and software engineers from a number of health record companies from around the US. 

Apple's aim is to stop the fragmentation of health data across multiple services and instead put everything into one place. Apple is looking to make some purchases in the cloud hosting space to help it store up the health data.

This may be a solely US-focused initiative as it's unclear whether the UK's National Health Service would allow Apple to have access to its database. Some third-parties can sometimes see medical data from the NHS database, but that's usually reserved for special cases such as applying for Critical Illness insurance.

This kind of tech always brings up the question of privacy when it comes to medical data. 

Although having all your medical history in one place could prove useful, do you really want a big business such as Apple to be able to know about all your health problems in intimate detail?

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