Your last chance to get our exclusive Surfshark VPN deal – grab it before it goes

Surfshark exclusive deal - 3 months free on a 2-year plan
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Rated as one of the best VPN services around right now, Surfshark is a safe bet when it comes to protecting your online privacy. However, it's not just about protection - whether you want to bypass online blocks, boost your streaming experience or download torrents safely, it's an excellent choice.

This is why you can find this VPN provider many of our lists at the moment. What's more, its super affordable price - even at full cost - makes it the best choice for those looking to save some bucks.

But, TechRadar readers only - together with our close friends at Tom's Guide and Android Central - now have the chance to get even better value for their money. The offer is about to expire, so make sure not to miss it!

Until August 14, you can claim one of the best VPN deals we've seen in a while: 3 months free on the 2-year plan. This means that the equivalent monthly price will drop to just $2.21 a month.

So, if you're in need of a powerful VPN, you still have some time to take advantage of this exclusive bargain. More info below. 


Surfshark | 27 months | $11.95 $2.21 per month
83% off - Rated as our top cheap VPN and third-best provider overall, Surfshark's ability is beyond its bargain price – and an extra 3 months free is the cherry on top. For less than $60 all-in you'll get 2 years and 3 months of excellent VPN cover, alongside plenty of features and great live chat support.

VPN deals: what you can do with a VPN

You will be amazed to discover how many VPN uses you can benefit from. 

Born as a way to secure your online privacy, virtual private networks are the perfect tool for those looking to browse the internet securely. By encrypting your data in transit, you will be able to carry on your usual activities anonymously. 

VPNs are also increasingly used for bypassing geo-restrictions that streaming platforms apply to their content. Do you want to keep up with your favorite Netflix shows when you're on holiday abroad? A reliable Netflix VPN is the software you want to be able doing so. It spoofs your IP address so your device gets tricked into thinking its in a different location. All the top services boast a wide array of speedy international servers to choose from. 

For the same reasons, VPN services can help you access blocked websites and apps, assist in secure online banking and shopping (especially on public Wi-Fi) and have even been known to get around broadband bandwidth throttling and bag cheaper flights on comparison sites, too.

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