Your Amazon Prime subscription just got a great new benefit ahead of Prime Day

A user taking advantage of free delivery by ordering a salad from a Grubhub Plus restaurant
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If you’re in the US and subscribing to Amazon Prime then you just got a great new benefit that you might not be aware of. Ahead of its Prime Day sales on July 12 and July 13, Amazon is giving Prime members a year of Grubhub Plus for free.

To get access to this great new benefit all Prime members have to do is head to Follow the activation process and you’ll be able to get a full year of Grubhub Plus absolutely free.

Those of you in the UK don't need to miss out on free food delivery either, as Amazon already has a similar offer for Deliveroo Plus. Just head to, and Prime members can get a whole year of free delivery (on all orders over £25) as well as exclusive discounts and rewards at your favorite restaurants.

These Grubhub Plus and Deliveroo Plus benefits join the impressive suite of perks that already come with your Prime membership, including free access to Amazon Prime video’s best shows, free delivery on Amazon deliveries, and a free library of eBooks for your Kindle with Prime Reading, as well as much more.

What is Grubhub Plus?

If you aren’t already aware, Grubhub is a food delivery service that works across the whole US to bring your favorite restaurant’s food to your doorstep.

As a Grubhub Plus member, you’ll get free delivery on your takeout orders, though there are some rules you’ll have to follow to qualify for this benefit. Firstly your order will have to cost $12 or more, and the restaurant must be part of the Grubhub Plus network. Secondly, you can’t order alcohol with free delivery, even if you’re getting it from a Grubhub Plus partnered restaurant.

Even if your order doesn’t benefit from free delivery there are also exclusive perks and discounts that being a member can unlock, and you’ll also get elite Care benefits for priority if there are issues with your food that you need resolving. Grub Hub will also match any donations its members make to one of its supported charities.

While the Grubhub Plus is normally only a great deal for those who eat takeout regularly, getting one whole year for free is absolutely worth it regardless of how often you take advantage of it.

Hamish Hector
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