You may not need a PS5 pre-order to secure one at launch

(Image credit: Sony)

Struggling to find the ready cash to place a PS5 pre-order when they go live? Fear not – if supply rumors are true, you may not need to pre-order a PlayStation 5 at all in order to get one at launch day.

Reports from Bloomberg Japan and Nikkei are both stating that Sony is drastically ramping up production of the PS5 console to meet an expected influx of demand in this new Covid-19 age of stay-at-home entertainment.

While the extent of the production increase is up for debate, the sources are stating that Sony is preparing a massive nine to 10 million consoles for 2020.

Big numbers

Let's compare that to the launch period of the PS4.

By March of 2014 (roughly six months after the PS4 launch) Sony had sold 7.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles. This was off the back of around one million pre-order sales.

By that reckoning, Sony is running at PS5 launch stock levels around the same level as they sold in three to six months of PS4 on-sale time. 

Even if the ongoing pandemic does lead to an increased demand for the next-generation console, it seems safe to say that you'll be able to grab a PS5 pretty easily at launch – though what split of core, disc-based PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition consoles that stock level divides into will be interesting to see.

Gerald Lynch

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