Praise the TV gods, Y: The Last Man series' first trailer absolutely nails it

Y: The Last Man
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Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's comic series Y: The Last Man is considered by many to be one of the medium's finest, telling the story of a cataclysmic event that causes all beings on Earth with the Y chromosome to suddenly die, save for one male human named Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand.

After spending more than a decade as one of Hollywood's most sought-after properties, and with numerous failed attempts to bring the story to screen, Y: The Last Man is finally getting the live-action treatment, courtesy of a new TV series from FX and Hulu.

With Y: The Last Man set to stream on Hulu in the US and internationally via Disney Plus Star from September 13, FX has decided to whet our appetites even further by dropping the show's very first trailer, proving once and for all that yes, this is really happening. You can check out Y: The Last Man's trailer below.

Analysis: will the show do the comic justice?

Based on the trailer above, FX's adaptation of Y: The Last Man seems to have nailed the Vertigo comic's vision of a global androcide that plunges the world's population towards its inevitable extinction.

It appears as though showrunner Eliza Clark (Animal Kingdom, The Killing) and her creative team are treating the material with the appropriate amount of seriousness, showing just how immediate the devastation would occur.

The show also seems perfectly cast, with Ben Schnetzer (Warcraft: The Beginning, The Book Thief) in the title role, alongside Diane Lane (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) as Yorick's mother, Senator Jennifer Brown, and Olivia Thirlby (Dredd, The Wackness) and his paramedic sister, Hero Brown.

If the show's creators play their cards, Y: The Last Man could end up being a Walking Dead-level megahit. Of course, we'll have to wait until September 13 to see if the show does the comic justice.

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