Xiaomi's Mi Band X could come with a large flexible display

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Xiaomi is a leading brand when it comes to consumer tech products. While the company had recently replaced Apple as the number two brand, it is also known for other products like smart TV, rice cookers, tablets and more. Its fitness trackers under the Mi Band branding are super affordable and are extremely successful.

Though the Chinese tech company has a couple of smartwatches in its lineup, none of them falls under the premium or flagship category. Now there are reports that the company might be working on one such smart wearable that could come with a curved flexible display.

It has been reported that the new smartwatch could have a 360-degree wraparound display which will stretch all the way to the straps and well. The watch is expected to come with magnetic connectors instead of the traditional hooks to keep the watch in its place.

Mi Band X

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According to a post on Weibo which seems to be taken in an internal event at Xiaomi, the watch is described as “King of inner scrolls – Mi Band X” and is said to be “extremely light and thin” apart from “360-degree roll screen without strap design.” Other key details mentioned in the slide can be roughly translated to “Magnetic bracelet buckle is more convenient to wear” and “Black Thermalite colour is full of technology.”

Now, this is not the first time we’re hearing about a smartwatch with a wrap around the display. In fact, we’ve already had a couple of them from ZTE – Nubia Watch and Nubia Alpha. Both of these watches were pricey, premium and failed to get the cash registers ringing for ZTE.

Incidentally, Huami which makes all the fitness wearables and smartwatches for Xiaomi already has a watch like this under the Amazfit brand and it even has a similar name. It is called Amazfit X. Though the Amazit X does not have a 3260-degree display, it does look like a regular smart band but with a massive curved touch-friendly display.

Hence, it may not be a surprise that Xiaomi is working on both – the successor of the Mi Band 6 along with the ambitious Mi Band X and may launch them sometime early next year. That said, since a lot of Xiaomi products are limited to China, we can't say that this watch will ever be launched in the overseas markets.

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