Tattle-tale Apple lawyers win Google Play users $19 million

Google Play
If your kids have seen this screen you should probably fiddle with the parental controls

It happened to Amazon, and it happened to Apple: these companies have been forced to pay out settlements to users whose kids made in-app purchases without their knowledge.

The same was bound to happen to Google, particularly with Apple's lawyers playing tattle-tale against the search company. And that's exactly what's occurred.

Apple's lawyers reported Google to the Federal Trade Commission this year after Apple lost its own suit over kids' in-app purchases, according to 9to5Google, and the FTC has passed its judgment on Google: the company must pay out at least $19 million, and potentially more, to users.

Now Google is notifying Google Play users that they may be eligible for a refund for in-app purchases made by a minor between between March 1 2011 and November 18 2014.

You have until December 2 2015 - almost a full year from now - to request a refund if that's you. If so, watch out for a notification from Google and don't forget to follow up.