One More Thing: SpaceX Dragon coming back down to earth with a bump

One More Thing: SpaceX Dragon coming back down to earth with a bump
The dragon returns!

How to train your intergalactic dragon capsule – SpaceX's Dragon capsule is heading home to Earth today after a quick stop off at the ISS. It's coming complete with 1,455 pounds of cargo and, let's hope, no vases full of weird space gunk that will kill us all. Update: He made it! [Mashable]

In Soviet Russia, bird catapults you – At least, it does if you don't pay your balance off on time. Instead of sending the bailiffs round to break your knee caps, the banks pummel your home with irate chickens. Basically, Angry Birds credit cards are a thing in Russia now. [GMA News]

Ugh - An Angry Birds theme park is going to open in Nottingham this summer. Stop the Kingdom, we want to get off. [Telegraph]

Legolas – Don Pettit, astronaut, just repaired the CO2 scrubber system on the International Space Station using a piece of Lego. Do you regret chucking your Lego away now? We do. We really do. [Google+]

ISS Lego

Image credit: Don Pettit on Google+

Woah, man – The latest Hitman: Absolution trailer is undoubtedly amazing (the animation alone has us agog) but we're pretty sure there's a fairly serious feminist essay about the role of inept gun-wielding nun sluts and the role of the feminine emotional handicap in video games to be written about it if anyone has time. [Guardian]

Story of the year right here - You can get Wi-Fi on the tube now. Well, not all the tube, just the platform. And not all the stations, just one station. And we don't know where it is. Apart from that: brilliant! [BBC]

If I had a smartphone - You can buy a hammer for £3.50 from B&Q. We only mention it because it looks like some people think using the HTC One X as a hammer might be saving them a few bob. [Phone Arena]

Rotten Apple – Spotify director, former Facebook president and Napster man Sean Parker says "there was some indication" that Apple tried to keep Spotify out of the US. "You hear things," he said at D10. "People send you emails." No offence to Spotify, because we do love the service dearly, but it is surely a tiny insignificant fruit fly buzzing around Apple's fruit stall. [Apple Insider]

Face/Off - A number of registered sex offenders in the US are challenging a legal ruling that stops them from using social networks. Apparently this restriction infringes their right to free speech and some civil liberty groups agree with them. In other news, some bulls are petitioning for the right to enter china shops. [Telegraph]

Sounds of summer - Want to know what songs are going to plague your summer? Shazam reckons you should get used to hearing Gotye's Baa Baa Black Sheep as well as Usher, Maroon 5, Calvin Haris and Nicki Minaj on account of them being behind the most Shazamed songs over the past few weeks. Great. [PR]

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