One More Thing: Apple is cool now, apparently

One More Thing: Apple is cool now, apparently
To be fair, they do look cooler than us

Lukewarm - Apple has topped an arbitrary list of brands deemed 'cool' by such celebrity 'cool experts' as Plan B and whoever Charli XcX is. They sure sound 'cool'. Cook and co are now 'officially' 'cooler' than YouTube (#2), Aston Martin (#3) and Twitter (#4). So, there that is. [PR]

Mayor Bluebeard - Taking time out from their busy Apple-baiting schedule, the Swiss have elected a member of the Pirate Party mayor of Eichberg. It's a part-time role, looking after the interests of the town's 1,481 residents. World domination probably not on the cards quite yet. [Fudzilla]

KIM DOTCOM UPDATE – It's been a while, but Mr Dotcom is back on the scene with his most excellent hyperbole-laden soundbite to date: "I'm now a real life James Bond villain in a real life political copyright thriller scripted by Hollywood and the White House." (His phones may have been illegally tapped by prosecutors.) [Sophos]

Hip - There's a new camera in town, one that you wear round your neck and let take pictures periodically throughout the day automatically, judging the best time to shoot using its light sensors, accelerometer, magnetometer, PIR and temperature guage. Autographer is a cute idea but please please don't invite us over for fondue and a slideshow of the results. We'll be washing our hair. [Autographer]

E-male - The Wikipedia profiles of historic female tech and engineering figures will be subject to a Royal Society edit-a-thon. "Can you immediately come up with a handful of names of female staff in technology?" asked Royal Society fellow Prof. Uta Frith. "Is that because there aren't any or because they're sort of invisible?" Clearly it's not option 'a' so we should expect great transparency in the edits. [BBC]

iFight - A China-based Foxconn factory was apparently temporarily shut down on Monday after a mass brawl involving 2,000 workers. Details are thin on the ground, but we can confirm it wasn't over the half star lost by Apple's latest handset in our iPhone 5 review [groan]. [Reuters]

Pew pew pew - It may be 'cool' but it's officially open season on the iPhone 5. The phone's been microwaved, torn down, run over and thrown out of lots of windows - and now it's been shot through the heart with some kind of assault rifle. Bosh. [Gizmodo UK]

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