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Microsoft plotting Google Project Glass rival with augmented live events

Microsoft plotting Google Glass rival with augmented live events
Real-time AR event updates detailed in patent

Microsoft has detailed plans for wearable Augmented Reality glasses that would allow users to experience live updates in real time.

In a recent patent application, published today, the software giant outlines 'Event Augmentation with Real-Time Information' through a pair of specs, similar to Google's Project Glass.

The example shows the wearer at a baseball game, where they're able to see live statistical updates, like the pitching and batting averages of the participants, along with their names and win/loss records.

The tech would allow users to train their eyes on new subjects and see new updated information for different players within their field of vision, while a built-in GPS sensor which would help to identify the event.

Best of both worlds?

In its application to the UPTO, Microsoft likens its real-time AR experience to watching the game on television, hinting that its glasses could give users the best of both worlds.

Wearers would still have the experience of watching live sport in the flesh, while being furnished with a sea of statistical information usually offered by TV coverage.

"Fans of live sporting and artistic events have enjoyed various types of information which is provided on different displays to supplement the live event," the filing stated.

"This supplemental information is provided both when the user is in attendance at the event and when the user views the event on broadcast media. One example of this is the augmentation of football games to display a first down marker superimposed on a playing field in a broadcast television event, and the broadcast of replays both on broadcast television and large displays at the venue of the event."

The patent makes no mention of potential launch plans for the specs, but the application adds Microsoft's name to the growing list of companies preparing to compete with AR glasses.

Google's Project Glass is unlikely to launch until 2014, Vuzix, Sony and Oakley are known to be working on their own solutions, while Apple is also thought the be considering a move into the arena.

Via SlashGear