HP reveals more about what's coming after split

HP will be split into two companies for the sake of shareholders

Shares of Hewlett Packard have dropped by nearly four percent (including after hours trading) after the company's board shed more light on who would be on the boards of the two companies post-split.

The process is expected to be completed by October 2015 to form two separate, nimble entities that aim to compete better in their respective markets.

Meg Whitman will be the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise while Dion Weisler will be in charge of HP Inc, which is taking over the printing and PC business segments.

It appears that Whitman got first dibs when it came to assembling her team for HP Enterprise. Roles for CFO, general counsel and chief marketing officer have yet to be filled at HP inc.

The company, which is now valued at $73.55 billion (£49 billion, around $AU$93.1 billion), faces stiff competition from Lenovo, which acquired IBM's entire x86 business, and Dell, which went private after relying more than a quarter of century on shareholders.