IDEA winners show technology simplicity

Reminiscent of a money clip, SmartMoney can be fixed onto a key chain, or to a purse. Two models are offered in a variety of transparent colours that reveal the technology inside. Since it doesn't store any personal information, you can use SmartMoney without worr.

Belkin N1 wireless router

The designers for the Belkin N1 Wireless Router focused on the setup experience. They wanted a device that anyone could install without assistance. When you first open the box, you are guided by an 'Open Here' sticker to the quick installation guide that can be found sitting on top of the box. Every step of the process then gives users the information you need to successfully install the router.

If there's a problem, a blinking orange icon indicates the problem area. You can then decipher the problem with the solution card, enabling you to be your own tech support.


E-puzzle uses e-paper technology to provide an infinite range of puzzle patterns using the same pieces. Parents can download patterns from the internet or even select family photos from their computer. Images are transferred to E-puzzle through a USB connector, which also transmits electricity to instantly change the puzzle pattern.

After removing the USB connector, E-puzzle returns to a non-electrical state, resembling a larger version of a photo frame. It has an arm at the back to display the finished design with the pieces secured by an integrated magnet.


Lila is a digital-physical play module that allows children to collaborate on storytelling. By plugging in different combinations of pegs, children create animations that then appear on the digital touch screen. They can add backgrounds and images by painting with their fingers on the screen. Finally, the entire creation is projected on the wall. Best of all, Lila doesn't make any loud, repetitive sounds.