IDEA winners show technology simplicity

The winners for the 2007 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) have been chosen. We've picked our favourites from the winners and runner-ups.

They include a light-operated mouse and keyboard, an RFID-enabled payment device and a wearable computer.

Over 80 winners were picked in categories ranging from warehouse equipment to computer peripherals to medical care designs to innovative kitchen products. The common denominator for all products seems to be simplicity and ease of use.

Here are some of the winners - check out the image gallery for more pictures:

Samsung LCD monitor Mobius (SyncMaster 971p)

The triple-hinge design of the Samsung Mobius LCD monitor means creating an optimal ergonomic environment is easier than ever. The three-dimensional design aimed to create a versatile object that could be easily adjusted, with features to make computing 'more comfortable and effortless'.

By embedding the USB port in the stand, connecting digital devices such as a camera or external drive doesn't require any fumbling around the back of the unit. The monitor also helps keep desks uncluttered with cable connections located at the bottom of the stand.

LOMAK - light operated mouse and keyboard

LOMAK (Light Operated Mouse And Keyboard) enables people with physical impairments, such as cerebral palsy, quadriplegia and carpal tunnel syndrome, to easily and effectively operate a computer.

Using a specially designed keyboard in conjunction with light sensor technology, a hand or head pointer controls a beam of light that enters, then confirms, the key or mouse function. Confirming each key helps ensure the correct selection is entered, reducing errors and increasing the speed of operation.

KODAK EasyShare 350 photo printer

The Kodak EasyShare 350 Photo Printer was designed to conveniently print high-quality pictures stored on cameraphones. Using Bluetooth technology, pictures are transferred directly to the printer from a phone or digital camera within seconds. Text from the phone can also be overlayed onto photos. The printer's look and feel was designed to appeal to tech-savvy cameraphone users, Kodak said.

Motorola WT4000 wearable computer

The Motorola WT4000 arm-mounted mobile computer allows warehouse workers to more efficiently take and fulfil orders. It consists of three devices: a computer terminal, a barcode scan ring and a hygienic arm-mount holder. Because of its unobtrusive profile, the computer doesn't interfere when lifting and transporting boxes.

The large graphic display on the terminal ensures fewer mistakes, while an embedded radio automatically communicates tracking data to the warehouse or colleagues.

Belkin Compact Surge Protector

The eight-outlet Belkin Compact Surge Protector offers a 'discreet solution to cord management'. It provides two surfaces for outlets, with the regular plugs along the top and the bulkier AC transformer blocks along the vertical wall, which also makes it more stable. It is available in white and grey in order to fit into most home and office colour schemes.

Nike iPod Sport Kit

Thanks to a unique partnership between Nike and Apple , your Apple iPod nano can do more than play music. It can now be your coach, your personal trainer and your favourite workout companion. A small sensor inside the Nike running shoe communicates with your Apple iPod nano, and your Apple iPod nano communicates with you.

Real-time data, such as running pace, time elapsed, calories burned and distance elapsed, are spoken over your favourite music. You can also track and manage your workout through a dedicated website that offers training programs and graphic results. The website also allows you to create run-specific playlists, such as mellow songs for your warm-up and cool-down, and more intense tunes for the run in between.


SmartMoney is an RFID-enabled credit/debit payment device that increases transaction speed and convenience. When waved near a receiver base, transactions under $25 (£12) are processed automatically.