Samsung to offer CES demo of flexible smartphone, HDTV displays

Samsung CES display
Forget smartphones - Samsung has other treats in store for CES 2013

Your next smartphone may be able to bend to your will - literally - thanks to flexible screen technology Samsung Display plans to show off at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

CNET reported that the display division of Samsung Electronics will show off a pair of bendable screens which could one day reinvent how smartphones, tablets and even HDTVs are made.

Attendees at CES 2013 will be treated to their first glimpse of a 5.5-inch flexible display touting a 1280 x 720 HD resolution with a pixel density of 267 ppi.

Samsung Display will also use the same event in Las Vegas to unveil the technology applied to a 55-inch television set.

Nice curves

The impressive technology used for the screen is currently missing a touch panel and cover lens, which are considered necessary to form a modern touchscreen-enabled device.

While demonstration prototypes will indeed bend without breaking, Samsung Display was quick to note that the screens aren't yet made to curl up into a roll.

In addition to flexible screens, Samsung is rumored to announce its next Galaxy S4 smartphone at CES 2013, along with a QWERTY-based tablet.

There are also rumblings that Samsung could debut a completely new image for its iconic brand next month, with a focus on lifestyle activities more befitting its new "global powerhouse" status.