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New Google Glass video takes it a step closer to reality

Google Glass
Navigating the rush-hour traffic with Google Glass

Google's latest video shows off just what it will be like to use Google Glass, its revolutionary pair of interactive glasses.

Google shows the view from twirling ballerinas, ice-skaters spinning and a child inside a giant bubble and a hot air balloon ride - you know, just your everyday activities. There's no sitting at a desk for eight hours involved.

A host of new features are demonstrated, with voice interactions, photo and video capabilities, navigation directions, sharing features and integration with Google Now among the highlights.

Now that's what I call eyewear

The company has also expanded pre-orders asking for "bold, creative individuals" to tweet or use Google+ to earn the chance to get a pair - there's a hashtag you can follow (#ifihadglass) that definitely won't be abused.

Unfortunately for Google Glass fans in the wider world, you'll have to be a US resident to be eligible.

Not to worry, Google says the glasses are set to be launched by 2014 at the latest so there's not too long left to wait. If you've steeled your stomach, then check out the full video below: