Bang & Olufsen woos women with 'female interaction' study

Bang & Olufsen woos women with 'female interaction design
This will go so nicely with my handbag and shoes!

Good news ladies. Bang & Olufsen has you in mind for its latest "innovative product concepts", promising that they will "very much appeal to female consumers".

We don't know about you, but we're excited.

The company's latest press release speaks of its unerring commitment to the fairer sex with such beautifully written phrases as "there can be big business perspectives in products which are appealing to women".

Yes, apparently the chicks hold the household purse strings in their dainty little fingers and B&O isn't shy about its commitment to liberating those closely guarded pennies by way of a three year study into "Female Interaction".

Here come the girls

The project took in hundreds of women's opinions, allowing B&O to create a "segmentation model" of four "different types of female technology users" that the company deftly shoe-horns us all into - although it was too ashamed to detail what those four types actually are (blonde, brunette, ginger and grey?).

Apparently, what with those long nails and expensively-coiffed hair-dos, ladies "interact" with technology differently to our club-toting XY-chromosomed counterparts for whom all of B&O's existing products have, presumably, been designed.

"This project is going to rub off on Bang & Olufsen's new products – there is no doubt about that," said Lyle Clarke, concept manager at B&O.

Sadly the press release didn't actually see fit to mention any actual technology – after all, women aren't all that bothered about those fiddly gadgets and black boxes and oh can't someone please set the VCR for us because those instruction manuals are just double Dutch to us.

But B&O did include a picture of the Beo6 remote control in use by a woman. The proper use of traditional remote controls has, of course, eluded the female sex for many years. All those buttons and that phallic rectangular design – straight over your heads, right ladies?

Three years of hard study, and this ugly handheld circular console with a rectangular thing above it is what B&O has concluded women want.

Well, at least it isn't pink.

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