Save $60 off the stylish Withings Steel HR hybrid fitness tracker

Withings Steel HR
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If you've been thinking of investing in a fitness tracker to help you stay in shape over the summer months, this is the perfect time because Withings has slashed $60 off the whole WIthings Steel HR range.

Unusually for a fitness tracker, the Withings Steel HR has an analog face, paired with a discreet screen for your activity data and heart rate. This makes it much more suitable for everyday and office wear than a distinctive Fitbit activity band or chunky running watch.


Withings Steel HR | from $179.95 $119.95 at Withings
Withings has knocked $60 off the entire Withings Steel HR range of fitness trackers, which now start at just $119.95 for the regular model, up to $239.95 for the Sapphire Signature in black and slate gray. Deal ends June 26.

Prices now start at just $119.95 for the regular, ranging up to $329.95 for the Sapphire Signature Steel HR. 

When we reviewed the Withings Steel HR, we were impressed by its stylish design, with a single button disguised as a crown and a surprisingly slim design that fits neatly under a shirt cuff. The face is available in black or a more conventional white, and the case comes in a variety of finishes. Straps come in silicone (ideal for heavy workouts), leather or metal.

On the features front, the watch is designed with cardio in mind, tracking runs, walks and swims and presenting the resulting data in a nicely designed companion app. The device also records your step count heart rate throughout the day, and sleep tracking helps you see how well you're resting at night.

We've seen the price of the Steel HR drop a little lower over Black Friday, but there's no guarantee that it'll dip so low again this year and if you've been looking for a hybrid fitness tracker that's smart enough for a professional setting, this could be the perfect time to snap one up. The deal ends June 26.

Not in the US? Here are the best Withings Steel HR deals where you are:

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