Why you should wait until Prime Day to buy an air fryer

Why you should wait until Prime Day to buy an air fryer
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Air fryers have become incredibly popular recently and if you’re thinking about stepping into the world of air frying, or just want to replace your existing model, don’t buy one...yet. 

Amazon Prime Day kicks off on Monday, June 21 this year, and it’s the perfect time to grab one of the best air fryers at a heavily discounted price. We’re expecting to see Prime Day deals on Amazon’s bestselling brands including Cosori, and models such as the NuWave Brio 6-Quart Air Fryer, and perhaps highly-rated options such as the Instant Pot Vortex

Last year saw discounts as big as $70 / £50 / AU$90 on air fryers and due to the huge surge in popularity, we’re expecting this year to be just as good - if not better. 

Why you should wait until Prime Day to buy an air fryer

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Why buy an air fryer on Prime Day? 

Air fryers are a lot more versatile than you might first think. These appliances can be used to cook foods you’d otherwise deep fry, but with an air fryer, there’s very little need for any oil at all. 

You can also cook everything from homemade fries to salmon, steaks, and even cakes in one of these machines. Air fryers work by circulating hot air around food until it’s crisp and evenly cooked on all sides. Most of these appliances come with frying baskets that have lots of little holes in them, and it’s these holes that allow the hot air to reach your food. 

In fact, there are very few things that you won’t be able to cook in an air fryer and you might just find you don’t use your oven as much, or you’re simply able to cook for a crowd because you won’t be using up oven space when you cook with your air fryer. 

You can get budget air fryers for around $60 / £42 / AU$77 but the premium options can cost as much as $200 / £141 / AU$259 which is why waiting for Prime Day is always a good idea if you don’t want to pay full price. 

It’s not just older models that we’re expecting discounts on either, some of the most recent and bestselling air fryers will likely be reduced in price, so we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the deals that you won’t want to miss. 

Can’t wait until Prime Day? 

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