How to change Apple Watch face

Apple Watch

What's the first thing you see on a watch? Its face. Regular analog watches will always have the same old face, but we're now living in a world with digital smartwatches where limitless customization options are readily available. When it comes to personalizing your smartwatch, its face is likely the first thing you'll tailor to fit your needs.

Android Wear is certainly the winner when it comes to customization; there are near-endless free and paid watch faces to choose from whereas Apple Watch has a measly 10.

More will be added later, hopefully when watchOS 2 comes out in the fall, but right now it looks like only Apple will have the final say on everything concerning the Watch's visage.

In the meantime, when you get bored of seeing the same face every day, here's how to change the the Apple Watch face to reflect your mood.

Press, select, go

Simply use Force Touch - essentially a firm press - on the face of the watch and you'll be taken to a horizontal, scrollable gallery.

Apple Watch

From Apple's little showcase of faces, you can pick the one you want. Select it and your new Watch face will stick.

Feel free to customize the colors, number dial, notifications and more by pressing "customize" on the bottom. Not every face will let you mix and match to your heart's desire, but most like Utility and Chronograph will let you switch around details and even change the color of the second hand.

Apple Watch

Or, for simpler customization, there's the Motion face that will let you change the type of moving image - flowers, jellyfish or butterflies - and let you decide if you want the date to be displayed.

For more on what each specific watch face does and how to customize the individual functions associated with the options, check out our list of the best Apple Watch faces.