Apple Watch battery booster coming later this year

Reserve Strap

The Reserve Strap, a band for the Apple Watch that can charge the wearable while you wear it, has been given an official release date of November 3, along with details about its final design and feature list.

The Reserve Strap is the first Apple Watch band that uses a hidden port on the wearable to keep it charged, and according to the creators it will give the Apple Watch over 30 hours of additional usage.

We had been worried that the use of the hidden port would not be approved by Apple, but the makers of Reserve Strap have confirmed that it fully complies with Apple's Band Design Guidelines for Apple Watch, and doesn't void the AppleCare warranty or Apple Terms & Conditions.

Strapping stuff

The Reserve Strap will fit both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch sizes, is waterproof and won't interfere with the Apple Watch's sensors.

An LED charge indicator will keep you posted about how much battery power the Reserve Strap has left, and it can be recharged (along with the Apple Watch) using a micro USB cable.

The Reserve Strap can be bought right now from the official website in preparation for its launch on November 3.

At $249.99 (around £159, AU$325) it's pretty steep for a watch strap, but by boosting the Apple Watch's battery life by 167%, it could prove to be worth the money.

It will be delivered to anywhere in the world for a flat $20 charge so no matter where you are, if you're disappointed by the Apple Watch's battery life, there is a (pricey) solution.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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