Amazon now sells the HTC Vive, pretty much guarantees it won't build a Fire VR

HTC Vive

The last time we went shopping on Amazon, we bought a reading lamp, a book and sunglasses. If we'd waited till today to make our purchases, we could have thrown in an HTC Vive for good measure.

The headset is the latest viewer to expand availability to the giant online etailer, opening up yet another avenue for the US public to get a taste of VR.

It's also a sign Amazon probably won't be getting into the VR headset business on its own any time soon - sorry, Fire VR hopefuls.

Oculus Rift has been available through Amazon for a few months now, and while you'll see the Sony PlayStation VR listed, you can't actually buy the headset or a bundle as pre-orders were lapped up within minutes of going live. The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is also up for order, if mobile VR is more your thing.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive, at least for now, is in stock on Amazon and ready to ship. The whole system includes the headset, two wireless controllers and two sensor arrays.

At $799, the Vive is more expensive than the $599 Oculus Rift, though that didn't stop us from deeming HTC's offering the unequivocal winner in the current VR war.

If shopping on Amazon isn't your favorite way to get new gadgets, you can also pick up an HTC Vive through select Microsoft Stores, GameStop and Micro Center stores, or online through, Microsoft, GameStop, Micro Center and Newegg.

Now that Vive is available on Amazon, will you be taking the VR plunge?

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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