We might see the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer as early as Thursday

After a surprise teaser emerged on Rockstar’s social media pages yesterday, unconfirmed reports suggest that we might see a new Red Dead trailer as early as Thursday. 

The news comes courtesy of ex-TechRadar writer Hugh Langley, who can now be found over at Wareable.

Langley was the journalist who confirmed the legitimacy of the Red Dead map that was leaked earlier this year on NeoGaf, and has confirmed to TechRadar that the new information comes from a source close to the matter.

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Rockstar’s actions have so far differed from how it revealed its last two Grand Theft Auto games, GTA 5 and GTA 4. 

GTA 5’s existence was first confirmed on October 25 2011, before a trailer landed eight days later. 

However the difference last time was that Rockstar confirmed a date the trailer would be launched with its first teaser.

In contrast, the current Red Dead 2 teaser has landed without any announcement of a trailer date. 

Were a trailer to arrive on Thursday, it would come just four days after the initial announcement, a much quicker turnaround than GTA 5's. 

Meanwhile, the reveal of GTA 4’s first trailer was preceded by a countdown timer that lasted for almost a month, which ran between March 1 2007 and the trailer’s eventual reveal on March 29. 

If we do see a Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer this week it’ll be the shortest space between a Rockstar teaser and first trailer in the company’s recent history. 

The new game doesn't yet have a title. People have thus far been referring to it as Red Dead 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2, despite it actually being the third game in the series after 2004's Red Dead Revolver and 2010's Red Dead Redemption. 

Jon Porter

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