WandaVision episode 7 trailer hints at the aftermath of last week's cliffhanger

(Image credit: Marvel/Disney)

Our next WandaVision fix is coming on Friday, but there's good news if even that's too long a wait: Disney has kindly dropped a little teaser trailer to whet our collective appetites for WandaVision episode 7. The clip feels like a riff on contemporary sitcoms like Modern Family, or The Office, which make use of the mockumentary format.

The new trailer, entitled 'We've All Been There', sees Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) admit to the camera that even the best people let their anger and fear get to them, which is highly relatable. 

The next bit, however, that she's been "intentionally expanding the borders of the false world" she created, sending grown men with flak jackets and auto rifles screaming for their lives, is perhaps less relatable.

We then also get a brief peek at some peculiar shenanigans with the kids, too – the game they're playing "is freaking out" and transforming their modern game controllers into retro ones, and even Uno cards. But Wanda's having none of it and insists Mommy is "resting her eyes". This suggests the reality of Westview is starting to come apart at the seams, and that Wanda's losing control of what's playing out.

Here, take a peek:

Wanda-ful stuff

If you've already forgotten what happened in last week's episode, here's a handy recap of WandaVision episode 6 that breaks it all down scene-by-scene.

Some are speculating that we might see the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards pop up in WandaVision episode 7 – but we're not convinced, yet. Either way, we're likely to see the consequences of Wanda's decision to expand the borders of Westview play out in this next episode. 

And who knows: maybe we'll find out who the show's real villain is?