Why is YouTube scared of the big bad Vessel?

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The poachers are out, and YouTube's not happy about it

You might think YouTube is confident on its throne of web broadcasting dominance, but apparently that's not the case.

Hulu exec Jason Kilar is working on a rival called Vessel, and the service is allegedly offering up some rather tasty deals to lure over a number of YouTube's biggest stars.

Sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal say that YouTube has been "in a fire drill" attempting to keep a hold on its star performers with the promise of lucrative bonuses, while Vesell has been aggressively pulling them the other way.

Vlog off

Vessel is believed to be launching by the end of the year, which obviously doesn't give it very long. The service has allegedly told creators that it'll offer a better environment for their content than YouTube currently does.

It'll also offer up money to vloggers in advance, the sum of which will depend on the star's popularity on YouTube.

But it's not the only one on the prowl for talent. YouTube's actions are also a response to Facebook, which too has been trying to poach stars from the broadcast giant in recent months.

We're in the process of contacting a number of sources regarding the matter, and we'll update when we learn more. Google refused to comment on this story.

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