Virgin Mobile and Presto want you to be less 'datafraid'

Virgin Mobile Presto partnership

Australians have embraced the launch of video streaming services with great enthusiasm, but we're justifiably hesitant when it comes to taking that streaming mobile.

Even in standard definition, watching video on your smartphone can burn through data at a terrifying rate.

Virgin Mobile and Presto are hoping to overcome that fear by partnering up to offer customers a data bonus.

Streamed for the very first time

Virgin postpaid customers who subscribe to and stream Presto on their smartphones will receive 2GB of extra data each consecutive month for six months.

This sounds like a perfectly reasonable promotion and all, but we'd warn anyone signing up to keep exercising a bit of restraint when it comes to streaming. That additional 2GB will disappear in a flash.

Customers will be able to sign up for the offer until 31 May 2016.