Updated Nikon Z6s and Z7s mirrorless cameras rumored to be in the pipeline

Nikon Z7
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Looks like Nikon is going to be rather busy in 2020 – not only are we expecting the company to announce the Nikon Z5 full-frame mirrorless snapper alongside an APS-C format Z30 camera this month, but a new report suggests updated versions of the Nikon Z7 and Z6 flagships could also be in the making.

According to Nikon Rumors (opens in new tab), a reliable source for all news from the Nikon camp, the Japanese camera manufacturer is gearing up to release the Nikon Z7s and Nikon Z6s full-frame mirrorless cameras this year.

While Nikon Rumors hasn't revealed where this information came from, the publication has been spot-on in the past and says the Z7s and Z6s are only "incremental" updates to the existing full-frame mirrorless cameras.

At TechRadar, we're massive fans of both the Z7 and the Z6, with the latter being our top pick for the best mirrorless camera you can currently buy, but there's always room for improvement.

Cranking it up a notch

While the rumored cameras will reportedly feature the same sensors currently in use in the Z7 (45.7MP) and Z6 (24.5MP) models, there are several other improvements Nikon Rumors has listed.

The major boost will reportedly be in the form of dual processors. Where the current models have just a single Expeed 6 engine under the hood, the new cameras will apparently boast a pair of Expeed processors (perhaps a newer generation), giving both snappers a massive performance boost.

Nikon registered a new battery (EN-EL15c) back in April which, Nikon Rumors reports, will be used in the upcoming updated bodies (current models use the EN-EL15b battery), potentially improving battery life. Charging via the USB-C is also a possibility.

Where the current Z7 and Z6 have only a single XQD card slot, the updated versions are rumored to arrive with dual memory cards slots, although it is as yet unclear what format they will support.

Video capabilities will also reportedly improve, with 4K capture doubling from 30fps in current models to a much smoother 60fps frame rate.

Nikon is rumored to be developing a vertical grip with control buttons and dials for the new cameras, which will likely be sold separately as an optional accessory.

An announcement about the Z7s and Z6s is expected towards the end of 2020, but until we hear official word, these are still rumors and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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