Panasonic unveils latest Viera TVs

Panasonic has announced its new range of Viera full HD LCD televisions, including its flagship TX-37LZD800.

The Viera range has proved a big hit, and Panasonic’s newest TVs are all set to cater for those looking to embrace the latest 1080p full HD pictures.

The LZD80 Series TX-37LZD80 and TX-32LZD80, available in March, boast three HDMI inputs and 10,000:1 contrast ratios.

They also sport Real Pro 3 picture technology which the press release claims “perfectly optimises the performance of the display panel to render smooth, crystal clear motion without compromising on delicate colours with rich gradation, delivering images of mesmerising beauty”.

24p movie source

If you’re not entirely mesmerised by all that beauty you could hang on for the April launch of the LZD85 Series TX-37LZD85 and TX-32LZD85. These add 100 Hz Motion Picture Pro 2 and 24p Real Cinema function, for generating smooth motion transition when reproducing a 24p movie source.

Finally, the TX-37LZD800 has “a luxurious clear panel, providing a sharper-looking appearance, whilst also helping to display sharp, crisp images and a higher contrast image, even in bright surroundings.".

It also benefits from a slim side speaker design with SRS tru surround XT and four HDMI connector slots, one on the front and three on the rear.

All the televisions have Panasonic’s latest generation of IPS Alpha panels to provide an extra wide 178 degree viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically. They also have V-Audio surround sound for the home cinema experience, delivering the best of sound with V-Audio surround and V-Audio technologies which features Panasonic’s digital amplifier and BBE (Bass Boost Enhancement).

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